Swings and roundabouts

Its been a bit up and down for the past week, swings and roundabouts sort of sums it up.


Wish my arse would fit into them swings, but….moving along……

So the fitness is now at week six.  The hill climbs are still fucking me over and I haven’t yet got to the top of one without near dying.

But, on Sunday, I had a brilliant day.  My trainers offered a free lesson on the bike, which was just brilliant.  Now the last time I was on a bike on the road was 1984. And I wasn’t a fan then.

Started off shite, but it was really like riding a bike, and soon I stopped wobbling and got on rather well. Except for the turning corners, which were’t great.

Then after some drills and several people falling off- we went out for a ride along the road.  Nearly shit my copious pants when a huge truck overtook us, and I didn’t even hear it coming.

I was flying along with the others, and having a lovely time, but got  a flat tyre that couldn’t be fixed so had to be rescued by car. But all in all, considering the 30 plus year gap in my cycling career, it was rather good.

Next day, the old missy bum was numb, and sitting was very tentative, but all in all I was chuffed with my return to the peleton. (or whatever its called)

So off I trotted to the swimming session next day, all full of my new triathlon career, and how I am going to ace the Dirt n Dust in April.

Roundabout moment. Swimming was shite.  Apparently everyone in Australia can swim like fuck, all glydie and freestyle and shit. Effortlessly skiting up and down, with hardly a splash.  And here’s me, struggling with the nanna breaststroke, head slightly in the water, inhaling most of the pool, and refusing to give in. So we raced in teams.  poor bastards that had me…. we were last.  It was awful.  Tragic even. So I came home completely deflated and rethinking the tri.

Todays session has lightened my spirits a bit. Weights, which I love, but the swimming is still in my head, and needs some serious work.  swim

How fucking hard can it be to do this. Even when your scared of water……….

Im not letting it beat me.  Onwards and upwards.

Talk soon,

BN x

Water water everywhere

My swim training with the lovely French man on the interwebs is progressing well. I could watch him for hours, so I’m studying really hard. Practical application of his advice, however – not so hot.
I wonder can you do a triathalon with floaties?? I can see it now. I could market some flash Nike floaties, with perhaps matching vest with additional optional buoyancy aids for open water swims. I’d be dead cool and all athletic n shit.
So anyhoo, I was in our pool yesterday for the first time this summer because it was 40 degrees and boiling hot. I had me new cap and goggles on (probs looked like a dick) and in I hopped.
Nice man said, just push off put your head in and blow ze boobles. I had a panic attack. spluttered that much I’m sure the neighbours thought I was drowning.
But, several goes later, I managed to blow ze boobles and kick ze legs and my head was fully under the water. I did use a float, but you can expect miracles the first time.
Got water in me ears, and was very unsettled, but I did it. I also watched another you tubing film about relaxing in the water and turning ones arse from side to side. Well, that was a debacle, large woman in silly hat and goggles, quoting a french man lolloping from side to side in ze pool, all the time thinking about drowning.
So I spoke to my coach tonight about it. She just did the Noosa triathlon yesterday, and is my absolute hero. Such a lovely, kind person, who took the time to guide me, even though there were others there, for a group session.
Her advice was to write down two things I dont like about water, and two things I do like, and to shift my thinking from the bad things to the good things.
So, here tis:
Dont likes.
1. its claustrophobic when your surrounded by the water
2. It goes in your ears and wont come out
3. it goes up your nose and feels nasty.
(ok that was 3, but we are talking phobia here)
and – I think I wont be able to breathe and will choke on the water and drown. Nothing dramatic or anything……..
Do likes.
1. Its cool in summer
2. its nice to be buoyant and to float and feel the water lift you up
3.I like the feeling of moving through the water (with head up) the way the water feels on your hands and against your legs and feet.
4. It will help me get my goal of a triathlon.
Four – see, this stuff is good 🙂
So now I will concentrate on thinking about the good stuff, forget the bad stuff, and buy a cheap snorkel. That was her next idea, swim with head in water but with snorkel. Look out neighbours, the best is yet to come……….


Talk soon,

BN x