Yup, Did not finish.

ITs taken me three weeks to even be able to write it, because I really still cant believe it.

Not only did not finish, but practically did not start.  Slipped in a heap of mud on the way into the water, stuffed up knee and had to be rescued.

Have orthopaedic appointment next week and MRI and shit, so will know more.

Don’t know whats worse, the shame or the pain.

I think I might use this blog more often, just for day to day musings and other shizzle thats going on in my mad head.

In the words of another – I’ll be back.

Talk soon,

BN xx


OMG its here

Well chums,

I havent posted much, because I have been so busy procrastinating my training etc.

And here we are.  3 days to go, and for some bizarre and twisted reason, Im still going to julia creek and doing this tri.

Has my training been sufficient – I doubt it.  Running – shit shuffling still. Swimming – non existent – and crap at best. Bike – good, reall really good, in a fanny chafing way.

So tomorrow is last day at work, then pack up and head to the creek.

So many people I know will be there, and I wish I had thought of something easier to do.

On a positive note, daughter the younger, and new boyfriend that I haven’t met yet, are coming. So excited at that, but more stress to not let them down.

Anyhoo, will let you all (ie, no one) know how it goes,