I have been named Big Nang by my first grandchild and it is a mantle I wear with extreme pride. However, having been a Big Girl, a Big mum and now a Big Nang, Im a bit over the Bigness and have decided, at the ripe age of 54, to change some shit.

This blog was initially a weird idea to waffle about goals, (which for the middle aged are bucket list items, since the clock is ticking in the background) my attempts at health, lessening the bigness, and turning back the sands of time, to prevent any further nasty ageing.

Along the preparation for blogging journey I have researched the other bloggings of my generation, and, bless them, they are all very very old in their musings.  All comfy shoes and elasticated waists.

I can’t do comfy shoes. I can’t do elasticated waists.  Holy fuck, my generation were punks, new romantics, hard core rock chicks and we were the first to do it. What has happened to my peeps????

So this blog is going to be a journey into reversing the oldness, turning my life, and hopefully other like minded souls, into slightly healthier, more active beings.  Lets get up off our capacious arses –  exercise like fuck, and live until we drop dead, rather than decaying slowly.  Lets listen to our favourite songs, talk about shit, wear killer heels and whatever clothes we fucking want to, and allow our ageless souls to shine.
Join me,
Big Nang x