Mutton dressed as mutton – Fashion for the over 50’s.

Good afternoon chums,

This journey of weight loss and fitness has made me very aware of many things, and at the minute another one of my all consuming passions is fashion. Particularly for us old ducks. What the well dressed Nang is wearing these days.

Now I’m not one for comfy shoes and twin sets and pearls, but much prefer edgy, up to date fashion which will not make us oldies look like mutton dressed as lamb, but rather mutton dressed as mutton.

Think punk meets killer heels meets cover the gut layers.

To this end, and having looked at many many blogs aimed at over 50’s, I shall not burden you with photos of me wearing pretty frocks and loafers.  Instead, I will share some ideas and photos of inspiring women wearing inspirational clothes.  Please join me on Pinterest here:

Talk soon,

BN xx