OMG its here

Well chums,

I havent posted much, because I have been so busy procrastinating my training etc.

And here we are.  3 days to go, and for some bizarre and twisted reason, Im still going to julia creek and doing this tri.

Has my training been sufficient – I doubt it.  Running – shit shuffling still. Swimming – non existent – and crap at best. Bike – good, reall really good, in a fanny chafing way.

So tomorrow is last day at work, then pack up and head to the creek.

So many people I know will be there, and I wish I had thought of something easier to do.

On a positive note, daughter the younger, and new boyfriend that I haven’t met yet, are coming. So excited at that, but more stress to not let them down.

Anyhoo, will let you all (ie, no one) know how it goes,




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